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released June 3, 2022
Music & Lyrics by CEPHYRE
Mix by Welsch & Will
© All rights reserved

I inhale the dust,
I inhale the ashes of my memories,
resisting to disgorge them in disgust.

I devour the past,
in reminiscent thoughts of days gone by,
until my thoughts devour me at last.

I take a breath of rotten air,
out of compulsion to smell one familiar scent.
I let that breath stream everywhere
in search of something I am able to repent.

If there is repentance,
there is reason.

If an odor invokes a certain memory I would rather forget,
maybe this is the moment, that should never be forgotten.
And if today I regret not to remember anything,
I would want to to regret,
maybe that‘s the regret I will
have to remember.

Make me recognize,
make me recapture – reclaim.
Beneath the ashes lies
a spark prepared to reignite the flame
and burn away the veil before my eyes.

We can keep this flame alive,
let the tinder of our destinies entwine.
We can be the reason why
we choose to lean towards unreason down the line.

If there’s only reason,
where is desire?

If that fire enlightens any memories we would rather forget,
maybe these are the moments, that should never be forgotten.
And if today we regret not to remember anything
we would want to regret,
maybe that‘s the regret we will
have to remember.